Manufacturing Products In China?
It’s Time To Make Money, Not Mistakes

Whether you are:

  • A large corporation already importing millions from China
  • An entrepreneur launching a crowdfunding campaign
  • An individual selling on Amazon or expanding into brick and mortar stores
  • Then RWC is the right fit for you

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What Is Running With China?

Running with China is an educational hub that provides an in-depth analysis on the best practices and strategies for developing and manufacturing your products in China.

Each module is structured to teach you to identify, evaluate, and manage your overseas manufacturing partners. In addition to the online courses, we also offer active forum discussions, live bootcamp events, corporate training, and custom China sourcing trips.

This information can be accessed at any time. Go at your own pace. Take advantage of the forum to get immediate feedback on issues we all face. Become part of the community today.

What Can Running With China Do For You

Scott Dyer

I’ve kinda just been figuring out stuff solo…some of my approaches were confirmed and many were challenged. Most people are super intimidated to do business in China, but RWC helps demystify the process.

Dan Andrews

Matt, Jamon, and Terry’s business chops are unrivaled in my rolodex when it comes to China sourcing. They are not only great on the ground, but they excel at teaching key manufacturing and sourcing concept to others. We’ve invited them to teach our audience and past Tropical MBA students on the key elements of successful product development in China.

Mark Brenwall

I basically found a ton of holes in my current process. I had no idea how the process “should” work, what PO’s and PI’s were, what role my sourcing agent should play for the $$ I’m paying. Because of the seminar I now have a much better idea of what I need to be doing.