Frequently Asked Questions

What is RWC about?

It is about being a part of a community today. Being an entrepreneur and figuring out how to make your products better can be a lonely ride.

We provide in-depth analysis on the best practices and strategies for developing and manufacturing your products in China.

This information can be accessed at any time. Go at your own pace. Take advantage of the forum to get immediate feedback on issues we all face. In addition to the online courses, we also offer active forum discussions, live bootcamp events, corporate training, and custom China sourcing trips.

Become part of the community today.

I currently manufacture in China. How can you help?

If you are already sourcing in China, that is a great ! Now we want to take our best practices and streamline your current methods. China is changing every day, and so is your supply chain. If you don’t keep up, it will leave you behind.

I am a beginner. Is this course too advanced for me?

The course is broken down into small parts, so it is easy to review at any time. If you get stuck somewhere, the forum is there to help with questions that you may have. The course is designed to start from the very beginning in how to manufacture in China (taking your idea and showing you how to research) to the the final touches of having it arrive at final warehouse or your customer’s doorstep.

When I take this course, will I discover the special sourcing magic bullet?

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Creating products from start to finish is a complicated process, which is why we have broken it down into smaller parts. By following the process we lay out, you will be able to accomplish your production as efficiently and headache-free as possible. Along the way, you will learning valuable methodology to producing any good in overseas manufacturing.

Who I am learning from?

You will be learning from Matt, Jamon, and Terry (MJT), who have each been in living in China for 10 years. We run successful businesses here and are now looking to share our experiences with you. If you need more support and want to maximize your lessons and membership, you can opt in for our 8-week mastermind calls to get a more personal touch.

At the end of the course, what can I expect to have learned?

At the end of the course, you will know how to identify the correct supplier or suppliers for you, make your product in the most efficient way, and send it to your final destination to sell your goods. By following the lessons you will be able to ask the right questions and get your product made right the first time.

Will there be continuing support once I join?

There is an active forum that is a part of this program and has a lifetime subscription. Not only will MJT be there to answer your questions, but the local community that is in the same situation.

What other material will be used besides video lessons?

We provide an array of additional supporting materials, to make sure you can take our best practices and make them yours. We provide standard documents such as: factory evaluation templates, quotation templates,standard contracts, and much more to make sure you are covered. Additional walkthroughs of the documents are provided as well to make sure you are able to use these resources immediately.

What other benefits come with being a part of RwC?

One of the greatest additional benefits is speed to market. Taking your idea and making it a reality. If you are able to take a concept, get it produced, and get it out in the world first, you have a distinct advantage over your competition. You will have a network you can get immediate feedback from, so you don’t have to face your problems alone and can figure out what the best course of action will be.

How will RwC continue to bring me the most updated info about China?

We offer a monthly live webinar with Q&A hosted by MJT for all RwC members in order to answer your questions and make sure we keep your progress moving forward. We will also continually create videos to address your new concerns voiced in the forum.

How are you different from other China education sites?

We are pulling back the curtain on the process and experiences we have had in China. RwC is dynamic and is able to answer the questions you may have in the forum. We do not leave you to your own devices; we are here to help.

Can I talk to JMT to get a better idea about my product?

You can join our intimate 8-week mastermind session. Here you can exclusively discuss your project and problems with our captive attention. These sessions are only offered to RwC members. It is vital that you understand our process first before joining the mastermind group. We want the calls to be as productive as possible and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Do I need to speak Chinese to make my product in China?

It is not absolutely necessary. Most of the sales people you talk to have a good written English. Using items like Skype and QQ will make your communication easier.

Is the membership yearly or lifetime?

Once you sign up, it is for life. You will always have access to the lessons, the additional educational materials, and the forum. Any time RwC is updated with new video lessons or additional material, you will inherit these benefits.