About Us

What is Running With China?

RWC is the Fastest & Most Cost Effective Way to Learn China Sourcing & Manufacturing.

Our easy to follow, step by step Online Training Course teaches you all the secrets to creating a profitable sourcing business.

  • Source the best quality products already made in China at the most competitive prices.
  • Or create your dream new product and get it made into reality!
  • By having on-trend, high-margin products at your fingertips, we open up a new world of sales opportunities for your business.

Signing up for RWC includes lifetime access to:

  • 3 hours of easy to follow, step by step Training Videos on 9 core subjects
  • Downloadable, easy to fill in Templates and Worksheets you need to source products like a pro.
  • Exclusive Support via our Private Member Forum and Secret Facebook Group where you can post questions on the training videos or about your specific project and the RWC founders, as well as other community members, will reply!

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Who is Running With China?

Jamon Yerger, Matt Kowalak and Terry Omata are Americans with 30 years of combined experience living and working in China. We specialize in product design, product development, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and import/export logistics.

We’ve created products and managed supply chains across multiple industries such as consumer electronics, audio technology, fashion apparel & accessories, home decor, gifts & premiums. We’ve designed and manufactured for big brands and major retailers worldwide such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Target, Best Buy, Verizon, Nintendo, Boeing and Toyota.

During our spectacular journey, we’ve had many incredible successes. But we had to go through some disasters to learn the hard way.

Learn from our 30 years of experience in China. We’ve been there and done it. We’ll show you all the shortcuts. Take our best practices and leave our mistakes behind!

Who is Running with China for?

RWC is the best support for anyone who wants to create a profitable business selling physical products.

Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or an experienced manufacturing professional, you will benefit from our courses and in-depth knowledge that can only come from decades of living and working in China.

Whether you want to do it all yourself, or if you plan to hire staff or an agent to handle your sourcing, RWC gives you all the tools you need for success.

RWC training course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs just starting out and evaluating their business ideas for selling physical products
  • Entrepreneurs or Managers who have already sold products in small quantities, but are ready to start scaling their businesses to higher volumes.
  • Entrepreneurs or Managers who have already sourced products domestically, but are looking to explore overseas manufacturing.
  • Entrepreneurs or Managers who already manufacture in China but are having trouble or need to improve the efficiency of their supply chain.

RWC is an essential learning tool for those who plan to:

  • Run a profitable website selling physical products
  • Make higher margins and profits selling on Amazon or eBay
  • Build a brand
  • Design and develop a new product for Kickstarter or other crowd funding platforms
  • Successfully sell products to major retailers worldwide
  • Establish a high volume business importing millions of dollars worth of products

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